I am a Contemporary American Abstract Artist based in Lansing Michigan.

I grew up in the tropics; where it’s hot and sunny year round, lush with greenery, bursting with bright, fragrant flowers.

I am the middle child of a large family. We loved music, dancing and the theatre. Each evening we ate together as a family and discussed our day. Today, even thought my family is scattered over the globe, we have one thing in common-our love of cooking and fresh, delicious cuisine.

Naturally the first medium in my artistic endeavor was, and still is, creating good food; foods from all over the world.

I have always loved using exotic, aromatic, colorful and even textural ingredients. The tropics are ripe with everything from fresh, sweet coconuts, red, fiery peppers and freshly caught fish to aromatic basil and lemongrass. The memories, the sounds, the aroma, the flavor and colors of where I come from combined with over half my life in the United States, have given me an extra-ordinary and exciting life experience from which to build.

The sights, the scents, the sounds, textures and tastes have become my source of inspiration and are all reflected in my work.

Bon Appetite!

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